You Get More from Portfolio Reinsurance

Portfolio manages hundreds of dealer-owned reinsurance companies across the nation. These companies receive the premiums from automobile dealerships’ aftermarket sales of vehicle service contracts, GAP coverage, appearance protection and other insurance-based products.

Portfolio is the dealer’s best choice because it is founded on your 100% ownership of the reinsurance company that receives the premium dollars from aftermarket sales.

  • That means control for you.
  • That means inherent rights of ownership for you.
  • That means no sharing of the profits with some outside company, a group of other dealers, or us.

We work for fees only, not a piece of the action. You get it all.

Building personal wealth for you as an owner —as a person— is our mission. We are your partners, not just a provider. We have been doing it so well for nearly twenty years that, in 2004, we passed an exhaustive 2-year IRS review with flying colors. We are the only reinsurance provider that has achieved this. Why? Because we do things properly and in accordance with all tax laws. And we do it profitably.

Portfolio structures and manages your reinsurance company turnkey. Portfolio reports to you quarterly, in detail, on how your company is doing.

You really don’t have to do much of anything new, except manage your investment strategy for optimum return. But you probably know how to do that.

Want to get more than 100%?

You get 110% from our local agents who help build your dealership profits, and our
Reinsurance Specialists who meet with you quarterly to review the performance of your reinsurance company, and propose profitable strategies for maximum return.
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