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Tire and Wheel Program

At Profit Concepts Management, we offer a tire and wheel program with coverage from one to five years.  This product can not only be sold in your finance  department but also on your service drive.

Your customers can feel safe knowing that they are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Road hazards are one of the main causes of flat tires and wheel damage. In 2001, American consumers spent approximately $20.75 billion for new replacement tires. Now you can avoid these extra costs with  Tire & Wheel Protection.

Coverage Includes:

Flat Tires:

We will pay by credit card or reimburse the costs incurred to repair a flat tire caused by a road hazard.

Tire & Wheel Replacement:

We will pay by credit card or reimburse the costs incurred to replace tires or wheels damaged by a road hazard.

24-hour Assistance:

In the event of a flat tire or damaged wheel caused by a road hazard, call our toll-free number, and an emergency hotline will dispatch prompt service to help in changing an inflated spare or tow to the closest service station.

Mounting And Balancing:

You will be reimbursed for the costs of mounting, balancing, and valve stems for any tire replaced under this program.

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