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Profit Concepts Training


At Profit Concepts our training is a total package of learning activities designed to achieve F&I excellence in accordance with the highest level of automotive standards.  This system insures trainees will acquire the specific knowledge and skills they need to produce extraordinary profits and product sales while promoting an outstanding client experience.

The training methods used at our school promote learning and retention.  Repetition of the information is presented followed by questions that encourage discussion and promote greater explanation.  As well, one on one video taping tracks their progress.  We present the concepts using a variety of learning strategies to ensure that trainees with different learning styles can assimilate the knowledge.


Profit Concepts training begins with a values orientation communicating the standards, laws and best practices that govern our industry.


Every student will understand the 4 key functions of F&I and their responsibilities regarding each one

  • Admin
  • Lender
  • Management
  • Sales


We will screen and evaluate any potential talent for our clients

  • GM
  • GSM
  • Sales Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Business Manager


  • 3-4 day school
  • Process and methodology
  • Needs awareness
  • Menu Presentation
  • Objection handling
  • Ethics
  • Compliance

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